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Give An Elegant Engagement Ring

Styles in engagement rings, diamond rings and wedding rings have changed along with the times over the years, but some designs and styles have remained strong and solid.

Channel Set Diamond Engagement Rings
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Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings


Determining the Metal for Your Engagement Ring

The Diamond Solitaire is an elegant engagement ring and remains a classic.

While most brides follow the Four C’s to determine what type of diamond they want, the type of metal for their engagement ring is usually more of an afterthought. But the metal used in your engagement and wedding ring set holds the diamonds in place and influences the overall appearance of the rings so it should be thought out.

For decades, the solitaire diamond engagement ring with a yellow gold setting was pretty standard for the jewelry industry. And silver, a less-valued metal, was usually reserved for gifts and less sacred occasions. Then white gold and platinum came along, and with palladium recently added to the mix, today’s bride has far more options. But how do you know which metal is right for the ring style you have chosen?

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Elegant Engagement Rings, Diamond Wedding Rings and Anniversary Rings

Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds are consistently the most popular gem chosen for engagement rings, and the vast majority of brides opt for diamonds in their wedding rings as well.

Furthermore, in recent years right hand diamond rings have become popular, giving women an additional outlet for diamonds rather than restricting the beautiful gems to engagement and wedding jewelry.

Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are also popular types of diamond jewelry. With such consistent popularity, it is no surprise that diamonds are forever the leading choice of individuals, couples, and jewelers throughout the world.

Long-Lasting Gifts

Diamonds are intricately intertwined with society’s perception of romance, love, and commitment. Because of this, diamonds and diamond rings are popular choices for long-lasting gifts, such as eternity rings, three-stone rings (representing the past, present, and future of a relationship), and anniversary rings and other anniversary jewelry typically associated with the sixtieth anniversary or higher.


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Elegant 3 Stone Engagement Ring

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Lifestyle, preference and the overall style of the engagement ring should all be considered when deciding which metal will work best for your ring. Deciding which metal works best for your engagement ring is a big decision. Choose your precious metal wisely.

The three stone diamond engagement ring styles have also remained popular and many still believe that this signifies ‘I Love You’.

The Value And Importance Of Diamonds

Diamonds have grading certificates for a reason, for your protection and your diamonds protection as well. Diamond certificates from independent organizations such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) provide a diamond grading report, that gives you valuable information about the 4 C's that were taken into consideration when the diamond was priced.

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Elegant Engagement Rings, Diamond Wedding Rings and Anniversary Rings
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